How To Live After Winning The Lotto

Winning the lottery is the same as receiving an instant ticket to living the American dream. That’s what happened to me, I was finally able to live the American dream. Before I won the lottery, I was poor and having it rough. I owned a decent car and had roof over my head but I was living from paycheck to paycheck. Yes, I had the things I needed in life but I wanted more in order to be comfortable. So I played the lottery and won million of dollars. I took the lump sum of money and moved out the standard single family home I lived in and moved into a million dollar home. I then purchased me a brand new very expensive vehicle. But those things are not the most important things that I done with my lottery earnings. Ultimately, this is just a dream I haven’t yet won the lottery but it sounded good saying it lol. You can’t win if you don’t play lottery games.

Like I told you before I had a car and home but it seemed as if they were not good enough for people to accept me as somebody important. I was pretty much like everybody else who owned a car and a home just a big nobody who thought I was more important than I actually was. Well, after I won the lottery, people who ignored me and wrote me off as a simple man, began to respect me. I spent money on taking them out to eat and for gambling trips to casinos. I had so many new “best” friends and “good” buddies that it was funny.

My relatives considered me just the average family member who was nothing special. I wasn’t the funny person at family gatherings or the respected member of the group whom everybody listened to for advice. I was just a regular Joe in the family who went unappreciated among my relatives. But when I got my money, it seemed as if everybody wanted to pay real close attention to what I said and did. I even used my money to influence family members to run errands for me and to perform menial chores and tasks. In the past this wouldn’t have happened because they would have laughed in my face at the thought of doing something like that for me.

Women at work who ignored me all of a sudden became very interested in me. They started to ask me about what I was going to do with the money and a few of them even gave me their phone numbers. I ended up using my money to date them all. I even had some romantic interludes with a few of them if you know what I mean. Ultimately, I didn’t go any further with any of them because I met other women outside of my job who were lot more interesting than the women I work with.

I always knew that money would get people to respect me but I never experienced this first hand until I won the lottery. I gave thousands of dollars away to charities and organizations and instantly became the man. People who never even heard of me before asked me to come out and speak at their engagements just because I had money. I even got to do speeches for some public events. I was becoming known around town to many people who mattered. I was finally getting the respect that was due to me and the respect that I deserve. Yea, some people have to work for it, some people naturally get it but I won the lottery and got it all.